Public utility buildings

Our offer in terms of construction of service and service-commercial buildings in the general contracting system is directed to public administration units and private investors. The investments completed by us are run in accordance with the latest trends.

For the purposes of obtaining the certificate that would confirm the pro-ecological activity and use of renewable energy sources by our clients, we run the construction process in accordance with BREEAM and LEED guidelines.

Healthcare and education:

  • educational institutions - construction, expansion and modernisation of facilities including the sport infrastructure, delivery of elements of equipment to schools and gyms;
  • healthcare institutions - construction, expansion and modernisation of hospitals, healthcare institutions;
  • delivery of solutions for facilities, in which laboratory rooms, operating theatres and treatment rooms are provided for.


Commercial and service facilities:

  • construction of commercial and service facilities, large-surface shopping malls;
  • car showrooms;
  • banks;
  • complex completion of investments including the road infrastructure, car parks, delivery zones for trucks.


Sport and recreational facilities:

  • construction of sport and recreational facilities where sport swimming pools, recreational swimming pools, water slides, saunas, relaxation zones, spaces intended for the offices and the staff were designed;
  • specialist, dedicated sport facilities;
  • stadium infrastructure;
  • construction and provision of equipment for gyms and rehabilitation premises.


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public utility buildings

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