Large-size buildings

We owe the 25 years of our experience in the construction industry and as the general contractor mainly to the confidence placed in us by our clients. Owing to them we have had the opportunity to develop our activity in such a way as to provide top level services based on the access to the state-of-the-art technologies and solutions.

By building large-size buildings we ensure the handling of the investment process in full, starting from the building permit, through coordination of construction work, completion of turn-key investments and obtaining permission for their use.

Office buildings

We offer general contracting services in the “turn-key” system:

  • for office buildings with conference rooms;
  • for office buildings with open spaces, focus rooms and spaces fulfilling restaurant functions;
  • for data processing centres with the most favourable PUE metrics based on the TIER standards;
  • for specialist laboratory facilities with the office and social functions.

Residential buildings and hotels

We specialise in the residential buildings and hotels and our portfolio includes a number of investments with interesting and modern architectural solutions. While completing the residential projects, the emphasis is placed on functionality and high quality of workmanship of both buildings and residential dwellings or commercial-service premises.


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large-size buildings

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