Industrial facilities

Industrial facilities

As part of the investment, we ensure the complex investment consultancy, including the financial analysis, also with the support from EU funds, preparation of the construction and working designs in all disciplines, cost estimation for the investment and completion of the construction process.


Owing to our experience in the completion of investments in many disciplines, we also deliver the finished and effective functional-utility solutions adapted to the specifics and destination of the facility.

Industrial halls

Design and construction of industrial facilities:

  • production halls with sections intended for the staff and offices;
  • industrial halls for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries;
  • industrial halls for special destinations and special utility functions;
  • land development and construction of access roads.


Warehouse halls

We complete projects with the various degree of technological advancement:

  • warehouse halls with sections intended for the staff and offices;
  • high bay warehouses;
  • cold stores and logistic halls;
  • construction of buildings with the full accompanying infrastructure, maneuvering yards, access roads and car parks.

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industrial facilities

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