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As the design studio which is permanently bound to the installation company, we participate in the preparation of the investments and construction of the designed facilities - owing to the synergy within the framework of one company providing the general contracting services.

In this way, we gain valuable experience necessary in the preparation of the design documentation. We complete multi-discipline projects for large-size buildings, in particular, for industrial buildings and public utility buildings.

We prepare the design documentations at all the stages of development, depending on the needs and requirements of the ordering party:

  • the concept,
  • the construction and working designs,
  • the workshop designs.

The advantage of the prepared designs is the process approach that takes into consideration the analysis of costs and time limits for the completion of the respective work stages at each of the stages of investment completion.

The costs are optimised, above all, through the appropriate selection of construction and material solutions, with simultaneous consideration of the technology of building construction. Such an approach allows the proposition of design solutions which are characterised by a very fair price to quality ratio.


Majority of our projects are projects prepared in the “design and build” system.

This solution is proposed to those clients who wish to entrust the entire investment to an external company. Owing to the complex approach to the design issues and the building of the investment, we can focus our attention on the responsibility and guarantee of quality of the performed work.


For the client, on the other hand, this means:

  • the shortening of the time for the design preparation,
  • the engagement of the smaller human and equipment resources,
  • the smoother and more efficient process of information exchange,
  • the shorter time of construction works.

The combination of broad experiences and modern design tooling ensures that our team is willing to complete ambitious projects for demanding Investors.


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