Trzebnica Swimming Pool Complex construction of the sports facility

  • Completion date: 2009 - 2011
  • Address: Trzebnica, Leśna Street
  • Area: 5126 m2
  • Investor: Urząd Gminy Trzebnica
  • Project: Prac. Arch P. Dominiczak & M.Szczuraszek
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Trzebnica Swimming Pool Complex

Trzebnica swimming pool complex will include two parts: indoor and outdoor. The indoor part will be the first to be built.

The three-storey building will feature a 312.5 m2 sports swimming pool, a 204.6 m2 recreational swimming pool with a slide and a paddling pool. Other attractions of the complex include health and beauty facilities: a sauna, a steam room, hydro-massage facilities, a sprinkler room as well as bleachers, shops and bars.

The underground part of the complex will house a club, a bowling alley, and a gym or an exercise room. The first stage of the works will also include construction of an outdoor parking space for cars and buses. The following year should see the construction of a 703.2 m2 outdoor swimming pool, a paddling pool and a playground completed.


andrzej siwek

Andrzej Siwek

Investment completion director


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