Co-operative Banking Group expansion and modernisation of the bank outlet

  • Completion date: 2007 - 2008
  • Address: Poznań, 23A Szarych Szeregów Street
  • Area: 7478 m2
  • Investor: Gospodarczy Bank Wielkopolski S.A
  • Project: Artes Studio Architektury
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Co-operative Banking Group

The project involved adapting an office building for a bank branch office. The interesting body of the building has two parts that are connected: a tall seven-storey and a short three-storey part. PTB Nickel was responsible for providing the design and executing the project in a turnkey finish system.

The two parts of the building feature office space, conference rooms, utility rooms, toilet facilities, staff rooms, storage rooms, an archive room, a canteen as well as a customer service area with a cash machine.

Contract details: the tall part: façade renovation and insulation, roof works, insulation of the foundation walls, indoor plastering, wall facing, floors, stairs, ceilings, indoor and outdoor carpentry, elevator modernization; the short part: eliminating one storey and building two new ones, a new staircase, finishing works on the new storeys, ground floor renovation that included: indoor plastering, wall facing, floors, stairs, ceilings as well as indoor and outdoor carpentry, façade renovation and insulation, roof works, insulation of the foundation walls, dismantling of the existing installations and central heating system installation; extending of the boiling room and the following systems: water supply and sewerage, air-conditioning, ventilation, high voltage power supply, telecommunications network, smoke venting, CCTV, radio and television, Uninterruptible Power Supply, visualisation of the working systems; landscaping and hardscaping: roads, pavements, a fire escape route, lawns, fences, gates, lighting.


colin deskur

Colin Deskur

Department of investment preparation
Project manager


Location of the investment


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