Ford Auto Watin construction of car showroom

  • Completion date: 2003 - 2004
  • Address: Poznań, 4 Ptasia Street
  • Area: 2807 m2
  • Investor: ZPCh "AUTOWATIN" s.j.
  • Project: PTB Nickel Sp. z o.o.

Ford Auto Watin

The project encompassed extending the existing car showroom by a service hall and staff facilities. PTB Nickel was responsible for design, construction and finishing works.

The extension is a one-storey building of a light steel frame with composite wall panels and a polystyrene foam core.

The oval shaped showroom and the finishing materials used give the complex unique character.


filip siudzinski

Filip Siudziński

Investment completion department
Project manager


Location of the investment


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