BMW Smorawiński construction of car showroom

  • Completion date: 2003 - 2004
  • Address: Poznań, 235 Obornicka Street
  • Area: 3188 m2
  • Investor: Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe "Smorawiński i Spółka" Wojciech Smorawiński i Andrzej Smorawiński Sp. j.
  • Project: Pracownia Projektowa dr inż. Arch. Stanisław Sipiński
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BMW Smorawiński

PTB Nickel was contracted to build a car showroom that also features a garage. The showroom has been connected with a two-storey office space and the customer service area.

The showroom is in close vicinity of an existing office building. Additionally, the underground floor of an existing warehouse has been adapted for rest and refreshment facilities for customers and salespeople and a car parts shop.


artur gulinski

Artur Guliński

Investment completion director


Location of the investment


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