The Księżnej Dąbrówki Housing Estate, Zamkowa Street construction of the residential facility

  • Completion date: 2010 - 2011
  • Address: Dąbrówka, Zamkowa Street
  • Area: 7300 m2
  • Investor: Nickel Development Sp. z o.o.
  • Project: PTB Nickel Sp. z o.o.

The Księżnej Dąbrówki Housing Estate, Zamkowa Street

This is another stage in the Księżnej Dąbrówki Housing Estate project on Zamkowa Street. There will be built 41 buildings located in 15 complexes.
The plan is to build 30 single-family houses and 127 flats. The floor area of the houses will be almost 100 m2.The flats, located in two and six-family buildings, will range from 50 to 80 m2 in size.

PTB Nickel was already involved in the initial design stages of the the Księżna Dąbrówka Estate project. The Zamkowa Street part of the project have united architects, urban planners, and construction specialists, who have been helped by a psychologist and marketing advisors. The new buildings are not to copy the style of the existing ones, yet still blend in well with the surroundings. The main idea behind this project has been to build house-flats – regular size apartments but with facilities characteristic of living in a house. That is why almost 65% of the buildings are one and two-family houses. The apartments will feature a fireplace, a small attic, a storage space and a separate entrance. Almost every apartment boasts either a garden ranging from 50 to 285 m2 in size or a 50 or 60 m2 terrace. Terraces will come with a terrace plate surface and in gardens there will be a grass lawn.

First 63 flats are planned to be ready to move in by March 2011 and the rest of them by the end of 2011.


artur gulinski

Artur Guliński

Investment completion director


Location of the investment


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