S31 construction of an office and commercial facility

  • Completion date: 2021
  • Address: Szczecin, ul. Zielonogórska 31
  • Area: 3690 m2
  • Investor: Ster Investments
  • Project: -


At the turn of February and March, we will start construction works for our client, Ster Investments. As part of the investment, we will build a representative, 3-storey office building with an area of 2390 m2 and a hall with an area of ~ 1000 m2. Our scope also includes land development with the necessary technical infrastructure. PTB Nickel will be one of the first tenants - the S31 office building will be the seat of the company's Szczecin branch. We plan to complete the relocation of the crew this year. An experienced Szczecin company - Kreft Engineering was chosen as the substitute investor.




Location of the investment


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