Tarczyński expansion of the production hall

  • Completion date: 2013 - 2015
  • Address: Trzebnica, Ujeździec Mały
  • Area: 19839 m2
  • Investor: Tarczyński S.A.
  • Project: PTB Nickel Sp. z o.o.


As part of the contract in Ujeździec Mały in the Dolnośląskie Province on the land plots of the total area of over 10.5 ha the existing cured meat production plant with a capacity of 70 tonnes daily, has been extended. The investment with the gross value of PLN 60 000 000 was commissioned in February 2015. The modernised plant that presently employs 400 persons will hire additional 250 persons. As part of the contract PTB Nickel developed the existing production facility by adding the production and storage building together with necessary sanitary, electrical and technological installations and systems. Following the modernisation completion the total net area of the facility is 33000 m2. The construction works also included development of the technical infrastructure, including heating, ventilation and cooling systems, water pipelines, industrial, sanitary and rain sewage systems and power grids. The general contractor also expanded the system of access roads and manoeuvring yards for delivery trucks.


micha olszewski

Michał Olszewski

Investment completion department
Project manager


Location of the investment


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