Amigo construction of the production hall with the staff and office facilities

  • Completion date: 2015
  • Address: Środa Wlkp., 7 Zielniki Street
  • Area: 5394 m2
  • Investor: Amigo Sp. z o.o.
  • Project: PTB Nickel Sp. z o.o.


PTB Nickel completed another investment for the Polish food industry in Zielniki nearby Środa Wielkopolska. At the request of Amigo, it will build the production hall and the representative office building with the total area of over 5.300 m2.

The design, prepared by the design department of PTB Nickel, provides for the construction of two combined buildings, diversified in terms of its functions. In the first building - the modern production hall - 4 main rooms are designed: goods receipt warehouse, egg sorting plant, packaging warehouse and goods issue warehouse, as well as back-up facilities including rooms for servicing the sorting plant. The facility will be provided with an additional brick shed, 6 external docks including the dock seal and 3 entrances - the main one through the door in the front facade and two others from the side of the docks.


artur gulinski

Artur Guliński

Investment completion director


Location of the investment


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