Water treatment plant in Mosina modernisation of the water treatment station

  • Completion date: 2010 - 2015
  • Address: Mosina, Czereśniowa Street
  • Area: 14500 m2
  • Investor: Aquanet S.A
  • Project: Aqua Sp. z o.o.

Water treatment plant in Mosina

At the beginning of September 2015, the construction company PTB Nickel completed one of the largest Polish water supply investments. The modernisation of the Water Treatment Plant in Mosina, a facility of the Poznan-based company Aquanet, began in January 2010, lasted 67 months and cost almost PLN 270 000 000.

During the Aquanet investment, lasting over 5.5 years, 3,500 tonnes of reinforcing steel, i.e as much as the weight of 16 dreamliners were delivered to the construction site. 41 000 m3 of concrete, which would be sufficient to erect over 1300 single-family houses were used. Excavations with the total size of a football pitch, almost 10 m deep, were made. 15 000 m2 sheet pile walls were installed. The length of the laid external process as well as water supply and wastewater networks corresponds to the distance between Mosina and Luboń (11 km). And the new roads and pavements built on the premises of the modernised plant cover the area equal to the area of the Poznan Old Market (2 ha).

The modernisation of the Water Treatment Plant started in the year 2010 was divided into four stages. As part of the first stage, the aeration building including the facilities for the treatment of washings produced in the process of rapid filter rinsing was built and commissioned within 24 months. During the three consecutive stages, ended in November 2013 as well as January and September this year respectively, PTB Nickel built the key facilities for the entire investment such as: rapid filter buildings, carbon filter building, ozonation building, equaliser tank for washings from carbon filters and secondary water disinfection point. Other structures which exist on the premises of the Water Treatment Plant in Mosina
include: the overhead pipe bridge, dispatch room, gatehouse, workshop-warehouse facility, external networks and systems, road infrastructure as well as electrical systems and control and measuring instrumentation infrastructure.

The facility increased its capacity by 50% - from 100 000 to 150 000 m3 per day. The new parameters of the plant will allow the full protection of new investments in the area of the entire Poznan Agglomeration.


andrzej siwek

Andrzej Siwek

Investment completion director


Location of the investment

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