Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kapuściska modernisation of the wastewater treatment station

  • Completion date: 2015
  • Address: Bydgoszcz, Toruńska Street
  • Area: 9800 m2
  • Investor: Spółka Wodna "Kapuściska" w Bydgoszczy
  • Project: Adam Ferenc Biuro Budownicta Komunalnego Wrocław
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Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kapuściska

In the year 2015, PTB Nickel modernised the wastewater treatment Plant in Kapuściska. The work was performed in the conditions of current and uninterrupted operation of the wastewater treatment plant with the capacity of 43 000 m3/day of municipal wastewater and 28 400 m3/day of industrial wastewater. The modernisation was completed within 4 months because of the necessity of settlement of the subsidy. The following operations were made within the framework of the agreement:

  • modernisation of the municipal wastewater bioreactor with the following dimensions: 63x66x6 running metres, in terms of its reinforced concrete construction and chemically-resistant protection, the technological system combined with the replacement of the aeration system, the provision with fixtures and equipment,
  • industrial wastewater pumping station - in terms of the chemically resistant protection of reinforced concrete walls, technological systems and provision of fixtures and equipment,
  • gate valve chamber and adjustment-measurement chamber - in terms of their construction and installation,
  • gate valve chamber on the sand pulp pipeline, sand pulp pumping station in the screen building, and mechanical sand drainage, the existing separators were disassembled and provided with new integrated equipment for the separation and rinsing of sand,
  • the municipal and industrial sludge compaction and drainage station was modernised owing to the disassembly of the existing equipment and assembly of the new one: compactor, centrifuge and macerator including the provision of new systems with the fixture and pipe assembly,
  • the municipal and industrial sludge compaction and drainage plant building was provided with the ventilation system mating with bio-filters, the drainage plant building was protected by means of the acoustic screen,
  • the scope of technological, water supply and wastewater, power and control networks and systems necessary for the modernisation,
  • control and measuring instrumentation system with regards to the wastewater treatment plant including the synoptic board,
  • new road transportation systems.


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