Sewage Treatment plant in Racot Extension of the sewage treatment plant

  • Completion date: 2019 - 2020
  • Address: Racot, gmina Kościan, pow. kościański
  • Area: 13895 m2
  • Investor: Gmina Kościan
  • Project: -

Sewage Treatment plant in Racot

On January 24, 2019, we signed a contract for the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant in Racot along with a solar sewage sludge dryer. The investment will be implemented until August 2020 under Measure 4.3 "Water and sewage management" of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program 2014+.

The expansion of the sewage treatment plant is related to the planned increase in the amount of raw wastewater received from Qdav = 600 m3 / d to Qdav = 820 m3 / d, improvement of the existing technical condition, introduction of new wastewater treatment technologies and expansion with new technological nodes ensuring the stability of the wastewater treatment plant.

The project in Racota involves the construction of a modern mechanical and biological treatment plant with an increased reduction of biogenic compounds in the flow system. The investment will consist of:

  • modern sewage reception and transport system (including the degree of mechanical treatment),
  • biological wastewater treatment reactor,
  • the sludge management node and accompanying facilities (blowers station, reagent dosing station, process water tank and treated sewage measurement chamber).

As part of the subject of the order, we will also reconstruct the social and administrative building, we will make the necessary connections, communication routes and roads.


Location of the investment


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