Nickel Basket Academy


In June 2016, we became the titular sponsor of the Basket League Academy - a project which supports and popularizes the active lifestyle among children and youth. We will cooperate with the Academy for the next 3 seasons of league games.

The mission of the Nickel Basket Academy is an increase in the popularity of basketball among the youngest inhabitants of the region, the demonstration of the developmental and entertainment qualities of the discipline, the ignition of passion and the active spending of leisure time. 

The Nickel Basket Academy is part of the Basket Junior project being a starting place for any new basketball player, to whom the club ensures continuity of training: from minibasket, through to the youngster and the cadet and the junior.  

The Nickel Basket Academy conducts basketball training sessions for about 350 children from five communes.  Training methods are suited to the age and predispositions of children and the training sessions teach children cooperation, fair competition and ability to cope with pressure through play.

During the current season, five teams of the Nickel Basket Academy participate in the minibasket games at the provincial level. As well as the training sessions, we organise a number of events for children and their families, such as special competitions, Santa Claus meetings, camps, day camps or festivals.

Also parents of young players are very much involved in the activities of the Nickel Basket Academy, which additionally strengthens the ties between the children and the parents and shapes positive relationships between the local community.

How to enrol a child to the Academy? You will find out more by clicking this link



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