• 2016

    business run

    The company exists for people who created it. We have commenced      changes with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility. We started a      running club for active employees, created insurance packages and      development programs. 

    We expanded our relations with the local community by supporting a basketball training club for children and teenagers. The contract was signed for 3 years, giving rise to Nickel Basket Akademia.  

  • 2015

    suw mosina miniaturaThe completion of the largest Polish Water treatment Plant in Mosina for the Poznan-based company Aquanet.

    Entry into the hydrotechnical construction market, completion of another investment Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kapuściska for Bydgoszcz Water Supply Company - Chemwik.

  • 2014

    cubThe completion of the construction work for the modern Business Services Centre, comprising the enterprises operating in the bio-med and IT industries and spaces friendly for the business development through start-ups.

    Completion of another investment for Eureka Technology Park II - a technologically advanced office building including the conference centre, spaces dedicated to the IT companies and the TIER III data centre.

  • 2012

    Change of the President of the Management Board  The leadership is taken over by the son of the previous president - Michał Nickel.

    At the same time the company started to perform the investment for INEA, the largest Wielkopolska telecommunication provider - INEA Park

  • 2011

    PTB Nickel begins to construct the modern BioNick bio-medical facility and executes the investment for GlaxoSmithKline, the largest European pharmaceutical company.

  • 2010

    The company has won awards in the 20-year ranking of Wielkopolska Enterprises, and Mr. Marian Nickel Ph.D Eng. is among the laureates of the Best Entrepreneur of the Wielkopolska region in the last two decades.

  • 2009

    park wodny octopus.jpg
    PTB Nickel received a Budowa Roku (Building of the Year) award for the Octopus Water Park – a modern sports-recreational complex in Suchy Las near Poznań.

  • 2005

    nickel technology park poznań.jpg
    Start of construction the first private technology park in Poland - Nickel Technology Park Poznań - a great place which combines science and business.

  • 1999
  • 1996

    A proprietary design studio was founded.

  • 1994

    A proprietary aluminium joinery shop was founded.

  • 1992

    The project of Zakłady Poligraficzne Serigraf (printing supplies), was completed within seven months. Other contracts: Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy, Aral Polska, Hochland Polska

  • 1991

    PTB Nickel was set up by Marian Nickel. At first, the company was a family business employing a small number of people. However, since our clients’ needs drove our business, we grew at the same quick pace as they did. We started to expand and invest in our park farm machinery, creating new jobs.


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