Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

For us, the corporate responsibility means running the business activity in a transparent and reliable manner, and based on partnership in relation to all those who contribute to our development: clients, employees, subcontractors and local community.

In our everyday work we remain true to simple rules which are the core values of our company – honesty, respect, innovative approach and courage to meet new and exciting challenges.

Also, the responsibility means for us the provision of help and support for our closest environment. We get actively involved and co-create the space for the development of our employees and their families, inhabitants of the municipality in which we operate and the social initiatives whose aim is the propagation of healthy lifestyle, physical activity and integration on the social and business levels.


closest environment

The Nickel Group as the capital group is formed by companies operating in the construction, investment and real estate development industries. It is formed by:

For us, this means the synergy of activities, the exchange of experience and know-how and the cooperation in investment projects in which we take advantage of the potential built on the basis of common values, responsibility for development and long-term operating strategy.

our rules

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